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"We always thought we should use traditional large accountancy companies for the best service but we couldn’t have been more wrong. Using H Stewart Accountancy Services has shown us we can get the same level of service without the large fees."

Neal Henson @Together Marketing Ltd. Nottingham

Management accounts are essential for the effective running of any business. We can produce various management accounts to help you track spending, cash flow, sales or any other factor. We can identify strengths as well as weaknesses within your business allowing you to make the right decision and give you time to react.

Here are a few examples of the information we can deliver:

  • Whether the business is making a profit and how much
  • How much is the net worth of the business               
  • What is the breakeven point
  • Is there sufficient profit for directors to draw dividends after deducting corporation tax
  • Part of our service includes taking into consideration turnover and its implications. For example should your business be charging VAT? If so what method? Will your turnover meet the VAT threshold later on in the trading year, if so we would advise you on the best way forward and how to avoid paying unnecessary late payment penalties to the HMRC.

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